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About Us

Primary Path Resources Limited specialises in Oracle Application Express. We have a great deal of experience with the product from Version 1.5 to the 4.2.6 and have recently undertaken migration work to move up to Version 5. Primary Path Resources is based on the south coast of England but consulting activity is UK-wide. We can undertake projects remotely following initial requirements analysis which allows a package of work to be completed off-site. Another popular service is a code review of an existing APEX application. This can be limited in scope to the application itself or be extended to address datamodel, performance and security aspects.

What is Oracle Application Express?

Application Express (APEX) is an Oracle product that is fully supported, enterprise ready and comes at no additional cost. If you have the Oracle Database, you already have Application Express. Since 2004, Application Express has been a fully supported and no-cost feature of the Oracle Database. Using Application Express as a platform, thousands of customers have created applications that range from small opportunistic solutions to enterprise-wide mission-critical systems.

  • Fully supported by Oracle
  • No cost feature of the Oracle Database
  • Included with Oracle Database since 2004
  • Runs wherever the Oracle Database runs
  • Can exploit all features of Oracle Database
  • Scales with the Oracle Database


You can have the same confidence in the outcome of a consultancy engagement as you would with any other software company. By providing you with a very clear outline of all relevant and potential future costs involved in your development we strive to give clients a more realistic picture of total costs during the initial stages. We can offer high quality independent advice from a number of talented professionals.